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As a BACP senior accredited supervisor, I am very experienced and offer an Integrative approach to supervision, both face-to-face or online. I welcome counsellors, psychotherapists, coaches and health professionals to consider my services, whether you are experienced or currently under training. 

My philosophy is underpinned by the Person-Centred Approach and I believe that as individuals in the helping professions we are constantly changing and so are our expectations.

As an integrative supervisor, I incorporate a Developmental Model, which utilises ‘self and other’ awareness, autonomy and motivation and recognises that supervisees are at different stages of their development. My practice includes trainees, newly qualified therapists and the very experienced. Therefore, different factors will apply to accommodate the perceived dependence/independence of the supervisees and this model provides the appropriate feedback and learning opportunities.

My work is also informed by the ‘Seven-Eyed Model’. I encourage the supervisee to build and develop proficiency on several levels of knowledge that serve to enrich their efficacy as a therapist. In conjunction insight, rationality, logic, emotion, hunches, gut feel and creativity of the supervisee are considered as a means of developing effectiveness.

The relationship between the supervisee and the client is a key element. There are many unconscious processes, which can play out in the client/therapist relationship and for these to be recognised, explored and understood in supervision brings a deeper understanding to the work. It ultimately serves to ensure that the work is appropriate and growth promoting for the client.

I am passionate about therapist development and growth and dedicated to helping you achieve the best possible experience from supervision. I aim to help you to enhance your learning and understanding and offer a fresh perspective on your client work.

Supervision offers time to reflect and discuss your client work, enabling you to improve your practice and help clients to reach their desired outcomes.. It also enables you to explore  your own thoughts, feelings, behaviours and approach to your client work.

As professionals we continually acquire knowledge and skills and develop our personal, professional and ethical capacity and working with me I hope you  will feel supported in your exploration of both your work and yourself. 

Supervision with me will offer you the opportunity to step back and reflect on your work. It will be a collaborative process, that will give you the chance to engage in the search for improved professional self-confidence and improved client relationships.

I look forward to hearing from you.